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Hello, please use this page to post all your feedback for Eeveelutiongirl and please include these four things.
1. The items bought or sold
2. A rating out of five
Where I can find your feedback page if you have one

you have any problems please contact me and I will see what I can do.

Current count on LiveJournal:
Positive: 13
Neutral: 0
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Items sold: Lucian's Espeon and Flint's Flareon cards
Rating: 5/5
Additional comments: Prompt payment, good communication and overall a pleasant customer to deal with! :3

If you'd like to leave me feedback as well my feedback thread is here:

Thanks! :D

Item sold: Jolteon ex card
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Fast payment, very nice customer. =D
My feedback page:

Items Sold: Eeveelution Cards

Rating: 5/5

Additional Comments: Very easy to working and deal with! Send Payment quickly and looking forward to any future deals!

Feedback page:

Items sold: BK cards!
Rating: 5/5
Additional comments: Very easy to deal with and sent payment fast! Thank you for a smooth transaction!

Items Bought: Umbreon Pokedoll, Glaceon Pokedoll, Jolteon Pokedoll
Rating: 5/5
Additional Comments: Great communication, and very helpful. Always kept in contact with me, answered my questions, and gave me information that I didn't think to ask. Would work with again. Highly recommend! Thank you!

If you would like to leave me feedback as well, my feedback page is here.

Item Bought: Espeon Pokedoll
Rating: 5/5
Additional comments: eeveelutiongirl is wonderful as always! Super helpful and great communication. Knew I was looking for an Espeon Pokedoll, and managed to get it for me! Highly recommend this user. Thank you :)

If you would like to leave me feedback as well, my feedback page is here. :)

Items bought: Eevee Pokedoll, Vulpix Dome, Pikachu Dome Figurine~! (Two transactions!)

Rating: 5/5!

Additional comments: Really lovely seller! :) Great communication and so friendly!

Thank you!

Items Bought: Leafeon & Eevee TCG cards
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Great seller, fast shipping! The cards arrived safely and were in excellent condition. Thank you! ♥

I have a feedback thread here :3

Item Bought: Charmander Evolutions, Charmander, and Persian stamps
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Great communication and speedy delivery.

Items bought: Stamps
Rating: 5/5
Additional comments: Very nice with great communication! Shipping was quick and overall great! Thanks!

If you have the time, can you return the favor?

Items Bought: Umbreon stuffs :P
Rating: 5/5, A+++, Ect.
Comments: Lovely person to do business with, very kind and amazing communication. Would definitely recommend/do business with again! Thanks a lot!

With Love

Items traded - vileplume stamps

Rating - 5/5

comments - very nice to deal with!, would love to do another trade in the future thanks so much.

Items bought: postage stamps :D

Rating: 5/5

Comments: Awesome seller, shipped super-promptly and packaged the stamps really well!

Items sold: Pokemon Cards
Rating: 5/5
Additional comments: Great communication and fast shipping <3

Items Partially Traded: Pokemon Cards & Esepon Keshi
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Great communication despite being on a camping trip during the transaction. Checked in as often as possible and made payment quickly once an agreement was made. Would be very happy to buy/sell/trade with her again! ^_^

Items Bought: Pokemon cards
Rating: 5/5
Additional Comments: Great comunication, fast payment, would deal with again :) <3

Items Sold: Eeveen, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon Playing Cards
Items Traded: 5 TCG Cards
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Very friendly, great communication, and prompt payment. Love dealing with eeveelutiongirl :D

Items sold: 3 TCG cards
Rating: 5/5
Additional comments: Fast payment, excellent communication and friendly. Welcome back anytime.

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